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Just Start IT is a proven Inter High School Program that takes engaged learning to the next level through exploration, discovery, and creativity. Proud of being the first Australian program that truly engages students utilising innovation.

Bringing Silicon Valley methodologies and industry mentors into the classroom. We help teams made up of Hackers, Hawkers and Hipsters create a Technology Startup.

Run as a 20 week Endorsed Program as well as a 1 and 2 year Certificate II and III Program. Since 2013 we have changed the lives of thousands of students, their parents and teachers.


igniting entrepreneurship

How does it work?

To start the first semester, each school is assigned a specific Mentor who goes into the school on a regular schedule as designated by the teacher every week for 1-2 hours.

The class teacher then completes the balance within his/her class time during the week, and the students are given set tasks to complete for the following week.

We create a real world scenario for students right in their classrooms!

This program offers a chance for students who may not always get that chance – to shine!

Just Start IT Ltd will endeavor to open student minds to new pathways, offer new opportunities, and teach them life skills that will carry them confidently into the unknown crazy world that lies ahead of us all.

The second semester is spent helping & refining the teams whose ideas are judged to have real commercial potential. We look at investment opportunities & further corporate sponsorship to turn the students ideas into reality.

Results from last year’s program?

From our 2014 program, we have 6 teams currently in discussion with corporations who want to partner with them to take their ideas further.

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  • Critical thinking
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Creative solutions
  • Team work
  • Monetisation
  • Pitching
  • Budgeting
  • Social media

program news and updates

Just Start IT Gala Final 2016

Posted in Gala Final 2016 by Lainey Weiser on Jun 25, 2016

Our finalists from 2015 were absolutely amazing, but just as our program has improved year on year, so to has the level of talent and quality that is being shown each week in our schools. So far in 2016, our ...


A new progressive approach

Completing school and university no longer guarantees a job!

We are in the business of creating job creators, not job dependants!


High School Students

  • are full of creative ideas
  • see solutions to existing real-world problems!!
  • want to solve world problems
  • are not scared of a challenge
  • are far more tech savvy than ever!
Just Start IT

  • is a multi-dimensional mentor lead program that crosses industries and generations
  • aims to build a force of business and technology savvy job creators, not a force of job dependents
  • is endorsed by WACE as a Personal Development Program, and counts 5 points towards the TEE score
  • ticks every box in the Microsoft 21st Century Learning Pedagogy
  • is available to run in all High Schools as part of the curriculum or as an extracurricular activity
  • is also available as a VET program for Cert II and III in Business

inspiring young minds

Just Start IT gives high school students the opportunity to work in a real life environment with experienced mentors who can help them take an idea from concept to product and create a viable technology powered startup, which helps:

  • Build confidence
  • Motivate for success in life
  • Promote critical thinking and problem solving
  • Build teams that can do
  • Apply creativity to solutions
  • Recognise that business + technology = success
  • Turn a great idea into a business

What our students & parents have to say

The Just Start IT Ltd program has provided our school with the opportunity to indulge our Business students with a hands on, practical experience; developing a new business concept.

CanningVale C (CA)

What our students & parents have to say

The Just Start IT Ltd program enriches our programs and has given our students a truly engaging opportunity to participate in the entrepreneurial process.

Armadale SHS

What our students & parents have to say

Just Start IT Ltd has given my students an opportunity to meet some very inspiring people. The skills that they have learned are transferrable to the work place.

Marianne Beattie

What our students & parents have to say

We have decided to get involved in Just Start IT Ltd as we believe it will give our students a great opportunity to develop their business idea into a product.

Fiona Walton

What our students & parents have to say

Just Start IT Ltd has given us the opportunity to meet successful business people and to develop an idea into something real. We have acquired new skills in web design, Flash, video creation and collaborating as a team.

Como Secondary College (SC)

What our students & parents have to say

JustStartIT has encouraged us to engage and work as a team. We enjoyed collaborating with each other in order to achieve goals and create something that both covers the social and academic aspects of life.

Duncraig SHS (J)

What our students & parents have to say

We are hopeful that students at Frederick Irwin Anglican School can learn how to be creative problem solvers and develop a mindset which is solutions based, not problem focused.

Frederick Irwin (CA)

What our students & parents have to say

The Just Start IT Ltd Program has provided my students with a truly engaging way to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Paul Johnston

What our students & parents have to say

Just Start IT Ltd has given our students to opportunity to enhance their skills for the 21st Century. The students have been able to develop their business and information technology skills guided by an experienced professional mentor.

International School WA (ST)

What our students & parents have to say

The Curtin Just Start IT Ltd program has given the students of Irene McCormack Catholic College the opportunity to represent the College in areas other than music or sport.

Irene McCormack (J)

What our students & parents have to say

Students participating in the Just Start IT Ltd program will have the opportunity to use their creativity to solve problems.

John Tonkin SHS (CA)

What our students & parents have to say

The Just Start IT Ltd project has provided the team members with an unique opportunity to work together in a real world business setting, with teachers assisting as facilitators.

La Salle

What our students & parents have to say

This is MLC’s first year in the Just Start IT Ltd program. The competition gives our girls the opportunity to explore their creativity and potential in business and computing.

Methodist Ladies’ College

What our students & parents have to say

Just Start IT Ltd has been a fantastic program for the Year 9 Investing and Enterprising students at Santa Maria to be involved in.

Santa Maria

What our students & parents have to say

Just Start IT Ltd has been a brilliant opportunity for our teams to work collaboratively to create a ‘Start-Up’ – to take their knowledge and skills in IT to make something new in an authentic ‘real-world’ context.

Chris Hill

What our students & parents have to say

As a school, the Just Start IT Ltd program has been a real bonus for our students. It has provided a different connection with the real world using very current events and broadened the student’s outlook on life – academics in a different form.

St Brigids

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