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About the School

Duncraig Senior High school is a school which promotes the values of respect, achievement, collaboration, engagement and relevance amongst the members of the school community. It is also home to two specialist programs – the Gifted & Talented program and Triathlon program. Duncraig SHS prides itself on being a caring school community.

How will JSI help my students

JustStartIT has encouraged us to engage and work as a team. We enjoyed collaborating with each other in order to achieve goals and create something that both covers the social and academic aspects of life. The project enabled us to be innovated and creative, as well as learning about economics and the build, learn devices and the minimal viable product.

JustStartIT has been a very rewarding and enjoyable course. During this course we have worked on a project for a competition. Through the course of developing this project, we have gained a lot of valuable knowledge regarding economics. Through the course we have learned a range of techniques that will benefit us in the future; computer skills, webpage design, collaborative working, efficient working strategies and working with a deadline. These advantages along with the enjoyable atmosphere and collaborative nature of the course have truly made the project a rewarding and highly enjoyable time.

Mentor for 2024