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About the School

Armadale SHS is proud to offer Approved Specialist Programs in ICT and Visual Art as well as Certificate courses in Digital Media, IT and Business.

How will JSI help my students

The Just Start IT Ltd program enriches our programs and has given our students a truly engaging opportunity to participate in the entrepreneurial process. JSI encourages students work as a team, provides motivation to really think about customer problems and to find real reasons to design effective solutions. Our students are engaged, enjoying the process and really thinking. The skills and knowledge the students are gaining will be invaluable to them in their future working lives.

The inspiration and insight into entrepreneurship and business reality may also contribute to their later success in business. We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate as staff involved and to learn so much from our Mentor – Russell Thom, who brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to each session.

Mentor for 2024