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About the School

Business is a relatively new learning area for CVC, but is growing in popularity very quickly. We are looking forward to being involved in the Just Start IT Ltd program as a way of extending our curriculum and providing students with a taste of entrepreneurial opportunity.

How will JSI help my students

The Just Start IT Ltd program has provided our school with the opportunity to indulge our Business students with a hands on, practical experience; developing a new business concept. The process has helped to impart insight into developing a new idea from the grass-roots level and build the idea collaboratively with a view to launching it into a real world environment.

Such opportunities are rare and these concepts can be difficult to cultivate in a classroom environment. Sufficient scaffolding provided through the program has enabled us to achieve this with some success. Ultimately, the Just Start IT Ltd program has helped to enrich learning opportunities for our Business students and to enhance our Business course.