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About the School

Hamilton Senior High School is an innovative and inclusive public school with over 50 years’ experience in educating our students to achieve their personal goals. We treasure well established educational traditions set by past teachers, parents and students and are passionate in our desire to prepare our current students for the 21st Century. We know where we are going and how to get there.

How will JSI help my students

“The Just Start IT Ltd Program has provided my students with a truly engaging way to improve their
entrepreneurial skills. Over the 18 weeks students have had a number of opportunities to enhance their collaborative, communication, problem solving, innovation, knowledge construction, ICT and self-regulation skills to create viable products for a specific target audience. Our business mentors have been a valuable addition to the class, providing insight and guidance to support each group to develop their ideas.
My students now have the confidence and experience to turn their dreams into reality.”

Mentor for 2024